About Brewtrail.Com

The story behind BrewTrail.com…

We’re two guys who love craft beer and visiting the breweries that produce it. The challenge we found was that there wasn't an easy way to find breweries that offered tours and have taprooms. Sure, we could find a map with all of the breweries but we couldn't see which ones offered tours and what the tour details were without having to visit each and every one of their websites. We thought that if there was a way to bring all of this information into one place where people could easily find breweries, see which ones offered tours and tastings and then give people the option to create their own brew trail, it would make it easier for everyone to visit and support their local breweries.

This is the concept behind BrewTrail.com. We've done all of the research to find which breweries offer tours, when the brewery tours are, if there's a cost and even how you can sign up. Yep, we've even done the same with tasting and taproom times too. Taking a page from the winery trails we created a trip planner so BrewTrail.com visitors can map out their own brewery trail visiting multiple breweries in a trip. The site is completely free to everyone including the breweries and it's truly been a labor of love. We like to say that we're supporting "beer tourism", so go find some breweries, map a brew trail and support your local breweries!

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